Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Round-Up

It is time for the second monthly check-in regarding my personal reading goal this year - to read only books I currently own (or, I suppose, am gifted, though I don't tend to receive books as gifts anymore) and not get distracted by piles of library books. Here's what I read this month:

Middle-grade: 3

Teen: 2.5

Adult: 11

Picture books: 1

Library books: 6

Books owned: 11.5

I didn't read nearly as many books as I did in January, largely because I read mostly adult novels this month. That may be the solution to my delayed review problem - read a lot of adult novels (which I don't review on the blog) and I'll eventually be posting my reviews of youth books in real time! Two notes about the library books that will probably continue to appear in these check-ins throughout the year - I don't buy audiobooks, and I listen to a lot of them, so that's pretty much what accounts for the library books. Additionally, I don't often purchase picture books, nor do I check them out. I will read the new picture books that arrive at work while sitting on the desk, so those will always be counted as library books as well. I think when you take these two things into consideration, I'm doing well. In fact, I think that accounts for all the library books I read this month! Now, if only I could read the books I own faster! I seem to be working my way through a large swath of adult novels which generally take much longer to read. Hopefully, my pace will pick up as the year goes on.

Oh and that half book is literally the second half of a book that I started last summer, couldn't stand, and put down. I'm notorious for not giving up on books, so I soldiered through the last half of it in February.

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